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Image courtesy of Abigail Larson, used by permission.

It’s time! Past time, actually, I’m slow to get back to the blog this year–but I’ve been reading, greedily and joyfully. Here’s my pool of possible titles for this year’s Readers Imbibing Peril:


Left to right:
The Delicate Dependency, Michael Talbot
The Long Stitch Good Night, Amanda Lee
The Chameleon’s Shadow, Minette Walters
Chapelwood, Cherie Priest
Bird Box, Josh Malerman
Strange But True, John Searles
A Royal Pain, Rhys Bowen

Not pictured: Lauren Owen’s The Quick, which is on hold for me at the library; I’m thinking about joining the Peril of the Group Read for the first time this year.

Lots to be excited about this year, and lots of entertaining, shivery reading already happening. The weather hasn’t quite committed itself to being Fall yet, but I did get a gorgeous, rainy Saturday afternoon where I could laze about sipping hot spiced cider and reading a vampire novel, so good enough–it’s on its way!

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