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Fergus MacFearsome

I found a neat wood cut-out of an octopus on a recent trip to HomeGoods and just had to bring it home to add to the cephalopod theme in the bedroom. The only problem: it was a terrible minty-blue color. … Continue reading

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Haunted Books

A couple of weeks before Halloween, I was kvetching that in the past year, I managed to do exactly NONE of the spooky craft projects I planned to do, and the next holiday was bearing down at top speed. “It’ll … Continue reading

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What I Was Doing

…instead of RIPping. To the shock of all–none more than myself–I failed almost entirely to participate in RIP VII. I read the books–I even read Dracula, finally! (Short take: much more readable than expected. Whyever did I put it off … Continue reading

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No More Kings

…but that doesn’t mean we don’t still have princesses–I mean, even Lady Liberty wears a diadem! So I thought I’d show you the birthday tiara I made for my dear friend Rachel’s birthday this year. I don’t think you’re ever … Continue reading

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Sometimes, a girl has a hat she doesn’t need. A hat that sits around gathering dust, waiting for an appropriate occasion. Other times, a girl needs a hat she doesn’t have. But with a little ingenuity, a needle & thread, … Continue reading

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The Grandma Project

Long time Bookish Dark readers may have noticed a distinct lack of crafts-talk around here. No, I haven’t seen the error of my knitterly ways and reformed (never!), but I have been learning a new skill, cross stitch, and working … Continue reading

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Did you need to curse a blue streak today, only to open your mouth and find no words coming out? Or if they did, they were unsatisfyingly mild, like “darn” and “heck”? Yeah, sorry about that–Ken and I used up … Continue reading

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Geometry + Lasers = Fashion!

Here’s a pic of my new circle skirt, a pretty, swirly victory yanked from the jaws of defeat, courtesy of Ken’s sewing skills and perseverance: We set out to make a dress. Ken had pre-shrunk the material on Friday, so … Continue reading

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Please to meet Boris (L) and Bela (R), my SCARY MONSTER SLIPPERS! Boris is affable enough, but Bela would bite you as soon as look at you. Just ask the cat. Bwa ha ha ha!

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Input, Output

I’ve been motivated much more by knitting than by reading lately–perhaps it’s the winter nesting instinct, perhaps it’s just that I’ve been using lunch hours for knitting with a co-worker. I finished Neal Stephenson’s Anathem back in November, and found … Continue reading

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