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All the reading I’m getting done while commuting is actually listening; I’m getting back into the audiobook habit. It’s a lot more convenient to switch on the iPod and go, rather than lugging a book along, having to stop reading … Continue reading

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Flavors of Fear

Fear has a lot of flavors and textures. There’s a sharp, silver fear that runs like lightning through your arms and legs, and galvanizes you into action, power, motion. There’s heavy, leaden fear that comes in ingots, piling up in … Continue reading

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It’s been an action-packed weekend! I’ve reached a new pinnacle of tired-but-happy, and a new understanding of the word “amazing”. Friday night we went to a Jonathan Coulton show, and had a terrific time. He had a great opening band, … Continue reading

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Programming Announcement

You probably don’t need me to remind you, but just in case: this coming Sunday, the greatest contest in sports will be joined. Yes, it’s time for Puppy Bowl III, the cutest and fluffiest sporting event you’re likely to see … Continue reading

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