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Halcyon Days

In a beautiful recent blog post, which I strongly encourage you to read, my mom reminisces about the years we spent living in the small farming community she grew up in. In it, she says, “Those really were the best … Continue reading

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Revisiting Books

First, a note that I was feeling highly self-critical last week for not participating in Ada Lovelace Day, when I had such a great experience with it last year. I just didn’t have anything prepared or anyone in mind yet … Continue reading

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Love not Fear: Living by the Four Agreements

Corvus and I (right before we stopped commuting to work together because somebody started working from home…) had the opportunity to reread The Four Agreements. Every couple years or so, I pick it up again–usually when I feel that my … Continue reading

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New Beginnings: The Importance of Circles (And Women’s Circles in Particular)

Last night I did a brave thing. I stepped outside my comfort zones. I made a new start. Over a year ago now, (gosh, maybe its even been nearly two!) I signed up to be on a classes/events email list … Continue reading

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Geek Chic vs. Geek Cred

Over on Wired you can read about the geeks guys behind Penny Arcade (Link), my favorite online comic strip (and a pretty hilarious blog) for the geeky gamer type. The whole article is great, but this paragraph in particular tickled … Continue reading

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Abandoning Books

I started reading Truman Capote’s In Cold Blood after seeing the movie, which was just fascinating. However, barely twenty pages into the book I had to abandon it. I found his use of language to be heavy-handed and flowery, as … Continue reading

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